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Reduces your chances of unnecessary medical interventions

- Reduces your chances of delivering via Caesarean

- Reduces the use of pitocin, forceps, vacuum extraction, etc

- Reduces the likelihood that you will ask for pain medication or an epidural

Helps you make educated choices in your pregnancy and during birth

- Feel prepared and confident for birth

Understand your birthing options

- Better able to communicate with your care provider

Lowers induction rates

- Increases the rate of healthy weight babies

Increases your comfort during labor

- Shorter labor

- Increased confidence

Gives you the tools to manage and enjoy your baby's entry into the world

- Hypnobirthing mothers feel prepared, confident and calm

Hypnobirthing’s childbirth education class is thorough and complete

- Prepares you for the different stages of pregnancy

- Prepares you for the different stages of birth

- Prepares you to bond with your baby immediately after birth

- Covers the basics of breastfeeding and provides you with resources

Feel that you have had an overall fantastic labor and birth experience

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Hypnobirthing is based on the philosophy that when a woman is properly prepared for childbirth free from fear and stress, she can allow her body to function in the same well-designed manner that it does in nature.

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